1. Scented Candle   

Never been a fan of scented candles. Those weird fragrances mixed with the smell of heated wax never appealed to me. But I found this candle and I changed my mind. There are decent candles out there, you just need to be patient and find them. And it’s not just the subtle lavender scent I like about this candle. The fact that it’s paired with a beautiful poem by Paul Verlaine takes it to a whole new level of coolness. Beautiful design, great scent, amazing duo. Just what you need to keep you warm and happy all winter long.


2. Dress and Shoes

I bought this dress a few months ago, in a hurry, because I needed a dress for an event and I didn’t have one. I thought I’d wear it once and then give it a rest for about 4 years. But, in spite of its shapeless cut and “boring” design, I liked it so much that I wore it almost ever day ever since I bought it.

Now the shoes have a totally opposite story. I got them 6 years ago and I was sure I would wear them non-stop. I was wrong. Wore them once and that was it. Found them at the back of a cabinet a few months ago: all shiny and brand new. I was happy as a child :) Fell in love with them all over again. Wearing them non-stop now. Happy end!



3. Make up and Perfume

Not much explanation needed here. The tallest guy is a primer. When paired with the foundation (the shorter guy), wonderful things happen to the skin. It looks flawless! The perfume is new. To be honest, I’m still getting used to the fragrance. The little round pot is the Mac Satin Taupe eyeshadow. Gorgeous color and amazing texture. Nicely pigmented. Great for people with blue or green eyes.


4. Tea

December and January have been a constant battle between coffee and tea. I have really dry skin and I feel like coffee makes things worse. Plus too much coffee is not good anyway. So I’ve been trying to switch to green, white, black, you-name-it tea. I’m still working on that.


5. Books

No books this time. Haven’t read any. Don’t judge.

6. Chromecast

Amazing little gadget! Hard to explain. Please google :)


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