I love December for so many reasons: it’s the first month of winter; it’s Christmas; and it’s the time of year when more than half of my friends decided to be born. So, getting the perfect present is this month’s challenge. I must confess, I stink at buying presents, and it’s not because I don’t care about those I’m getting the presents for. On the contrary, I love them so much that I want to find the best gift. So, I usually end up putting myself under a lot of pressure. I stress out so much over getting something unique and amazing that the whole process of buying a present becomes a frustrating experience: what I like is over my budget, what stays within the limits of my budget isn’t that great. And handing out a plain envelope with money saying “I didn’t know what to get you. Here is the money. Buy yourself whatever you want…” seems like such a non-original scenario.

This year I decided to change the rules. I made up my mind to eliminate the stress factor, and keep things simple and joyful. Hand painted, personalized birthday cards sounded like the perfect solution… plus the little envelope with money. The plain envelope? I know, I know, like I said, a major faux pas. Hence the card idea. Believe me, it makes everything look so much better :)

Here is a card I made for one of my friends. I really enjoyed painting it with my watercolors, and then quoting a short inspirational poem. It was like infusing a part of myself into the card. It turned out pretty well, which makes me think that you don’t need that much to make a special gift after all. Just use your imagination, and avoid the plain envelope. At least draw a bunny on it or something.





8 thoughts on “Watercolor Me a Birthday Card

  1. The beauty in creating something for a friend is that it contains within the creation parts of you and you can never give a better present than something you have taken the time to create.

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