Would you ever like to know how hard it rained on the premier of Gatsby in Cannes this year? Or how tall Nicole Kidman really is? Or what it takes to make a movie, and be the chef d’orchestre of the whole process? Or how it is to write a book and turn it into an animated movie with an Oscar perspective ahead? It’s simple. Meet a film director (preferably one who’s short films have been selected for the Cannes Film Festival two years in a row) and ask as many questions as you can. Ask all the questions that will pop in your head.

That is exactly what I did yesterday, and I wasn’t the only one. All my friends did the same. We asked question, lots of them. You see, we are a group of curious people. We like meeting with interesting and unique people (artists, writers, politicians, journalists, etc.) and listen to what they have to say. It is usually a casual get together over a cup of tea, where the invitees talk about their activity, life, aspirations, and dreams.

Last night, we had another edition of our “club”, and we had the pleasure of welcoming a special guest: a  young film director with some remarkable accomplishments to her credit. She awed us all with her stories and her sparkling personality. Such an inspiration! I want to start making movies now :)

P.S. Gatsby opened in pouring rain. Nicole Kidman is tall. Making films is not easy, but it is amazing. Writing books and turning them into animated movies is an exciting and magic experience.





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