Are you looking for an easy personalized gift idea, or just a beautiful way to show how much you care? Search no more! Get a needle, thread, paper (for the template), fabric, twine or ribbon, dried lavender, stuffing, and scissors, and make a lavender-filled heart!

Remember I told you I had a very creative friend? Well, her house is full of this kind of cute fabric hearts. Since everyone kept asking how she was making them, the woman decided to organize a workshop at her house, to show us (her curious friends) how it’s done. She supplied with various ribbons, fabrics, and buttons for us to chose from. I made two hearts for my daughters, and I can’t even describe the joy and happiness the whole process brought to my soul.

When I was younger, I thought that knitting, crocheting, sewing, was so superficial, a major loss of time, and that I had to talk about “serious” stuff if I wanted to be taken seriously. Now, that I’m 32, I’m sewing, knitting and crocheting more than ever. I’m starting to embrace my feminine side and it feels good. It feels right!







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