Fall is my favorite season! The soft golden light, the warm colors, and that crisp autumny perfume floating in the air put me in a mellow and slightly nostalgic mood. It’s that time of the year when I enjoy taking long walks in the forest and making long lists with resolutions, things to keep me busy throughout the winter :) As the days get shorter and colder, home becomes my favorite spot, though. By mid-October, I usually develop this intense urge to read, drink lots of tea, decorate, bake, clean, knit, and paint. About a week ago, I discovered another activity: cross-stitching! It’s a wonderful and highly addictive craft with such a calming effect. The rhythm of cross-stitching helps dissipate any built-up stress after a hectic day. Plus, you get that feeling of self-worth after creating something beautiful with your own little hands :)

What are your favorite fall activities?



6 thoughts on “New Hobby

  1. Beautiful work! I fear I wouldn’t find it very relaxing though, as this side of my artistic talent is in shortage. I’m with you on the reading, decorating and baking, though. I go into a bit of hibernation mode, come winter.

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