I love Instagram, and probably not for the same reasons you do. Limitations! That’s what I love the most about Instagram. All those little “rules” boost creativity to a whole new level. I’m talking about fitting in a square, altering the image using only a few filters, and taking pictures with a phone only (if you’re playing by the rules). The fact that you’re being put in a box makes you think so much outside of it. You start looking for new ideas, new angles, new ways to capture the same old reality. And all of a sudden you open your eyes and realize how much beauty surrounds you, beauty you’ve never given a chance to amaze you. All of a sudden you notice you have beautiful, interesting feet that make such a cute subject for artsy captures. Food, nature, architecture, and banal objects vibrate and inspire. And then it becomes viral. I see your picture and I think “Wow, I’ve never thought that these random items could actually create such a perfect composition”, and then I start taking pictures in the same spirit and they have a similar effect on a third person. And when the” hundredth monkey” is reached, everybody does the same thing. And that’s how our perception evolves and we discover new horizons :)

Here is a shot of “The Table” by Philippa Stanton aka 5ftinf on Instagram. She’s a daily inspiration to me and to her other 200.000 followers.


(Photo: Courtesy of www.philippastanton.com)


3 thoughts on “The Hundredth Monkey

  1. Nice&Calm :) eu am facut vre-o doua trei poze ..asa oleaca stil incepator asa ca eu te rog Nice si Calm cind ai timp sa intri pe la mine sa le vezi :D Si sa-mi spui parerea (numai nu ma face de “nica” in fata la toti XD) Peace

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