I’ve always wanted to know what’s that little je ne sais quoi that turns some of us into people-magnets. Is there such a thing as charisma, a thing you are born with? Is it all about confidence? And what about the voice, looks, style, scent, body language? Do they have a say in all of that?

Last week I had a chance to spend two days in the company of a person that is quite famous in the country I come from. She is the creator and the host of a popular cooking talk show, a producer and a successful blogger. Obviously the woman is charismatic!

I observed the way she moved, the way she talked, the way she interacted with many people at once and with everyone individually. First of all, she’s a great communicator: dazzling smile, eye contact, physical contact, unique voice, great posture, good listener. She’s a passionate workaholic too. I’ve seen her work (cook) for four hours straight with such a contagious enthusiasm and faith in success that failure was unimaginable.

She’s funny, charming, energetic, confident and smart, but most importantly she knows who she is and isn’t trying to be someone else. So could this be the secret?

Honestly, I’m starting to believe that there’s no such thing as charisma, that special thing that makes you oh-la-la! Charismatic are those who simply enjoy being themselves. Everything else stems from this liberating feeling of staying true to yourself and loving being who you are. There’s no secret. It’s as simple as that :)


(Photo by Sorina Nidelcu)


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