About a week ago we decided to take a much needed mini-vacation. We went to this paradisaical place called Cinque Terre. The fist time I heard about Liguria and its five surreal villages hidden in the folds of  the Italian coastline, was two years ago, when a friend of mine showed me a beautiful picture of one of the villages. I remember staring at it, soaking in all the beauty and dreaming about seeing that place with my own eyes. And guess what, I went there and saw Cinque Terre, with my own eyes (speaking of thoughts and wishes materializing and all, but that’s another subject).

Since this is my blog, I’m going to show you Cinque Terre from my perspective, but believe me, if my kids had a blog, their impressions would sound way more vivid, and their pictures would look far more entertaining. They would probably talk about trains, boats, wild playgrounds on the top of a mountain, a dead rat  in the middle of the road they wanted to take home so bad, a huge aquarium in Genova full of happy sharks and dolphins, sea, sand, ice-cream, never-ending tunnels, and pizza.

I took every possible camera with me, but I ended up taking most of the pictures with my phone. Story of my travels.

               IMG_20130415_201028 IMG_20130415_200855

               IMG_20130416_174148 IMG_20130416_174218

               IMG_20130420_134347 IMG_20130417_192102

               IMG_20130416_174456 IMG_20130417_191128

                IMG_20130417_191613 IMG_20130420_132922

                IMG_20130417_190649  IMG_20130416_175343  IMG_20130420_133942


18 thoughts on “A Visual Journey to Cinque Terre

  1. Your photos are wonderful. We were there last August 2012. We stayed in Monterosso and hiked the other 4 towns. The picture you have from the water, is that Riomaggiore?

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