Australia is known for many things: kangaroos, koalas (awww, cute), reptiles (all of them), Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Uggs, and…its people! Australia is considered to be one of the friendliest countries in the world and, judging by my Tasmanian friend, I can see why. Misty is awesome for so many reasons: she’s charming, smart, generous, easygoing, gorgeous and she has a great sense of humor (rare combination). I really like her effortless style too. She can pull off any outfit and look amazing.

Here are a few pictures I took of her this morning while we were outside trying to catch some sun rays after a long winter. We had so much fun in spite of the freezing temps. I’m telling you, Australians are the happiest people on earth :)







12 thoughts on “Aussie Style

  1. Your friend is very stylish, Mihaela!
    I agree about Australia’s people- my boss is from there and I love how positive and outgoing she is! She is a great friend outside the workplace.

  2. Love your blog !! :) Follow mine if you like it I’m heading to Sydney for fashion week soon so I’ll keep you all posted with Aus fashion week and their streestyle ! xx

  3. You’ve summed up Misty perfectly. She’s one of my dear friends and you’re lucky to have her. There are a few of Misty’s traits you have missed out but as a true friend, I’ll keep those a secret.

  4. LOL – It is cute how you display your friend here. Great pics too! Oi oi oi – gooooooooooooo aussies! Hee hee

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