Spring is almost here! Or at least we’ve been told so. In anticipation, let’s talk about fashion, shall we?

Today’s post is going to be about Doina Ciobanu, a rising style star. I’ve been wanting to write about her for months and today’s the day! All I know about Doina is this: she’s really young, she’s from Moldova and she runs a successful fashion blog named The Golden Diamonds (lovely name).

When I first saw her tastefully designed blog (par hasard), I couldn’t help but admire her unique fashion sensibilities and how much her features reminded me of Jackie Kennedy.  There is something about Doina that’s very modern and chic: is it the elegant simplicity of her outfits, or the intelligent choice of colors, or maybe is it the fact that she’s always on trend and sometimes even ahead of it? Her natural makeup and sleek locks perfectly compliment her refined sense of style. It’s impossible for her to look bad in anything.




(Photo: Courtesy of The Golden Diamonds)


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