One of my favorite activities as a child was mimicking (impersonating). Whenever my parents had friends over for dinner or birthday parties, I would silently sit in a corner, observing people: the way they talked, the way they laughed, every gesture, every muscle. I would later impersonate them all making my parents and our friends laugh. The best part of those mini-shows was watching people’s reaction. At first the “subject” would be in total denial: “I don’t look like that! I don’t do that! Can’t be!”, and then the (rhetorical) questions would start pouring in like rain on a summer day: ” Do I really walk like that? Do I really touch my eyes that often? Do I really pick my nose when no one is watching?”. The final phase would be full acceptance and asking for more: “Do it again! Do it again!”… Ahhh, precious moments!

I’m a grown-up now and I still do that. My husband is the only spectator though. Every now and then I would move my lower jaw forward, or change my posture, or say something with a high pitched voice and my husband would go: “It’s X! or “It’s M! How do you do that? This is exactly how M talks”. Yeah, I still do that. And dear friends (who read my blog) you’ve all been mimicked, some of you twice :).

So, back when I was a child, I started drawing caricatures because I felt like it was the same thing as impersonating only on paper. Not an easy exercise plus it’s a pretty risky business, you know? (needless to say I instantly gained 27 fans enemies the moment I drew 27 caricatures of all my classmates).

A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet a professional caricaturist (the real deal). His name is Alexandru Placinta aka Alexander Pie (the literal meaning of his name). Alexandru is 32 and although he’s been drawing caricatures only for a year, he’s pretty successful and good at what he’s doing. He studied art and then worked in the carpet industry for 8 years. One day, the guy woke up and decided he wanted to be a caricaturist. He has been following his dream since, and I feel like he is heading for a bright future. I’m really happy I had the chance to meet him: learned a lot, laughed a lot.


(Alexandru’s self-caricature)


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