What a day! Here is a list of the main groups of people I interacted with aujourd’hui, in this specific order:

police –  not the best part of the day (could have been worse though). I got pulled over (first time ever, quite scary) and I got a ticket.

friendsthe social part of the day. A friend invited me (and other friends) over for a cup of tea and positive emotions (pictures below).

family – the soothing part of the day.


(I’m sure my friend will tell me that technically it’s a bad picture and that I should be ashamed…just kidding :). But it’s so colorful and the appetizers look so cute…even if they’re out of focus.)


(the clock: a very useful device in case your time decides to fly by)


(I like the original design of the cup)


(there was an inquisitive bunny sitting on the top of the couch, asking all these questions: “…so did your life flash before your eyes when the police pulled you over?”)


(and the glamour touch: my friend’s vintage purse and leather gloves)


5 thoughts on “Police, Bunnies, and a French Word

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