Today is my mother’s birthday … and I totally forgot about it until she called me asking if I was alright. “I’m fine. Why?”, I asked. “I thought you were mad at me or something, because everybody called but you…”, she said. That’s when it hit me. I forgot my mom’s birthday! My brain was desperately trying to find a decent excuse, but there was none. And then I remembered that I’d had breakfast with my friends at my mother’s favorite place this morning. So I told her how I asked my friends to go to that specific cafe, and how I kept talking about my mom pointing to every little thing that she loves about that place. After many laughs and “I’m sorry”s, the conclusion we both came to was that, even if my conscious mind skipped her birthday, my subconscious celebrated it like a boss…in its own subconscious way :). Happy birthday, mom!


(fresh flowers)


(an old mural and an older door)


(the menu)

IMG_0321 IMG_0323 IMG_0350

(the ambiance)


(the treats)


2 thoughts on “It happens…

  1. Super trouper

    that I remember in mind after I read your letter about this day. our mother can give us strength to many laughs . You, your mother and friends , now make a good team. Super trouper!

  2. Ce tare! Eu nu am uitat ziua mamei pana acum, dar de putine ori i-am cumparat un cadou. Bine ca are colegi de servici care ii cumpara un munte de flori si alte daruri. :)

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