Here’s a cognac decanter. We bought it in Prague, and we spent a whole day on finding the perfect one. I remember seeing the word “lead” on every crystal item and I even asked my husband if it was safe to drink liquids from something that contained lead. “Of course it is okay! Besides, the amount is too small. You worry too much…” were his exact words. So the first thing he did, when we arrived home, was pour a whole bottle of cognac into the decanter. But I guess I had managed to plant a seed of doubt in his mind, because the second thing he did was google “crystal”, “lead” and “danger”… just to make sure. The third thing he did was pour the cognac back into its original bottle :). Apparently it’s dangerous to store alcoholic beverages in lead crystal decanters. So now we have this beautiful item that will probably stay empty, next to a window…refracting light.



13 thoughts on “Souvenirs…

  1. WOW! Because they are beautiful, and called decanters, it never crossed my mind about lead. Exposure time seems the critical factor. The Washington Post has the best suggestion, use just before service and do not store liquor in lead crystal. Or, store cheap vinegar to leach as much lead as possible then discard leaded vinegar. See informative articles below . . .

    “if you’re determined to use that fancy decanter to impress your dinner guests, don’t put the wine in it until only an hour or so before serving”

    “the longer you leave the brandy in the decanter, the more lead it will contain. The good news is that repeated extractions will remove ever-diminishing amounts of lead. That is, the more times a decanter or wine glass has been filled and emptied, the less lead will be extracted from the glass the next time.”

  2. I agree with the above comment. At least now you have a nice addition to your environment. :)

    I don’t understand why lead is put in practically everything, so frustrating.

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