Life is beautiful. It’s totally unpredictable, but beautiful nonetheless. I embrace the unpredictability and hope for the best. I let go of the past and go for the future. “What are you talking about?” you’re gonna ask. “This is my coping mechanism in stressful situations, when I have to make a difficult decision”, I’m gonna answer. “Oh, o.k.”, I hope you’re gonna say :)

On a travel note: last week, I visited Prague. Beautiful city: history, romance, bridges, birds, crystal, beer… Even though my heart and thoughts were elsewhere, my eyes and camera were in Prague. So here are a few pictures.


(so many have done this trick. I couldn’t resist :))

IMG_9861     IMG_9867     IMG_9916

(I like the optical illusion with the first two pictures and the blurry bird in the third :))


IMG_9958     IMG_9955     IMG_0142


(centre of Prague)


(an artist at work…always fascinating)


12 thoughts on “Two Days in Prague

  1. The photo’s are lovely! I especially love the angle of the centre of Prague and the artist at work! – You’re right, it is always fascinating to see them work! Altogether, Prague looks like a beautiful city! :)

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