Today my daughter was invited to a birthday party. No, it was not at one of those noisy playgrounds were kids are screaming like there’s no tomorrow. It took place at a museum, a chocolate museum. Kids did scream anyway though. I guess that’s how people socialize when they’re 7.

I really liked the concept. First they watched a movie about chocolate. Then they had a brief demonstration and explanation of chocolate making. They even made chocolate with their own little hands. They ate that and the birthday cake (three layers of chocolate, what else?) and then the sugar kicked in and all the screaming, running and jumping started…

We had a wonderful time in a magic place!

(chocolate, chocolate everywhere in all colors and forms)

(nice deco elements here and there)

(Christmas is in the air)

(VIP treatment with our very own movie room, party room, private museum tour…)

(I think Santa had a panic attack with all that screaming :). That look…)


5 thoughts on “A “sweet” birthday

  1. I wish I was invited to the party!! There are some awesome creative things to do for kids birthday parties these days.

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