So a few days ago, I decided to organize a mini-morning/noon party for my friends. Well it eventually ended up being a maxi-party (in my world seven people plus a few kids is a lot. don’t judge.).I don’t know about the others, but I had I great time!

Now, 7 women plus kids, a party: where are the pictures of earrings, bags, dresses, accessories?…you’re gonna say. Well since I was hosting the whole thing, it was hard to multitask (again, in my world talking to someone and being sure you pour tea in the right cup, all at the same time, is multitasking).

But, but, but…I did manage to take 2 pictures post factum. Some people decided to bring me something (although I told them not to). So here are the few things that have resisted in time (friends who brought chocolate, sorry no pictures. can you imagine chocolate that is uneaten more than 10 minutes?).

(a friend brought a bouquet of yellow tulips. love the color and the smell)

(another friend brought a jar of homemade honey, the left one. the right jar is from another friend, brought to me on another occasion. equally, homemade honey.  I thought I’d just take a picture of them both and boast about how I am a homemade-honey-attractor :))

Thank you, friends, for the well spent morning. We should do it again…at somebody else’s place, so I can take pictures of you all :).


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