When I was a child my parents would always tell me  to occupy myself with something and not nourish laziness and inaction. Their main argument was that no matter what you do, be it a trivial little task, it leads you somewhere as opposed to inaction which keeps you on the same spot.

I can hear my mom saying: “Don’t just sit on the couch! Do something, clean your room, take a walk, you’ll meet someone, a good idea will come to you…”. Surprisingly (or not) she was right every single time.

We had nice weather today (sunny and all), but tired from not sleeping three nights in row (long story) I just wanted to stay home and do nothing. And then I remembered my parents, the ultimate laziness fighters, and I grabbed my seven year old daughter and went for a long walk. A wise decision! We saw beautiful things, met some nice people. We even attended a yard sale…Interesting things just seemed to pop up on our way. What would have I achieved if I stayed home?

(mother and daughter…from another perspective)

(front door wreath and entryway of the lady with the yard sale)

(dog and systematized corn on a wall)

(trees with ears, X-rayed leaf and not my kids)

(Rapunzel, are you there?)

(the castle (which is now a hotel/school/something else), first floor, pictures taken through the window)

(still in the castle, still first floor, still through the window: an old picture and the pedals of a piano)


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