One of my friends celebrates her birthday in a few days so I went and bought a special present for her today. It’s an old book, Psychologie de l’immortalite (Psychology of Immortality) by Bernard Grasset, that I found in an antiquarian book shop.

I bought the  first edition published in 1929 by Librarie Gallimard. As far as I know Gallimard (one of the leading French publishers of books) was officially founded in 1929 which means that this copy is one of its first publications…Man, that sounds too cool. Maybe I should keep it and find another present for my friend. Just kidding!


6 thoughts on “Birthday present idea!

  1. nrf cred ca este celebra abreviere de la Noua revista franceza. Acest numar s-ar putea sa prezinte un interes real. Mai degraba este un numar tematic, in care autorii abordau din perspective diferite un subiect de actualitate… Sa fie actual si astazi?

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