My friends convinced me to go with them to a flea market in Freiburg (Germany). Well, actually, it was outside of Freiburg, but we misunderstood the GPS directions so we got to see a glimpse of the city center.

(Freiburg in 6 pictures: a basket with vegetables in front of a restaurant, big group of people probably sharing a secret, nice canalization manhole cover, an angry lion and a mini angry lion, fancy architecture and cold drinks)

(my friends had nice jewelry and bags. I had too, but nobody took pictures of me)

(after almost 5 hours of flea market this is what Kasandruta found)

(she also bought all these beautiful vintage purses except for the black one with a golden chain that was purchased by Sorina)

(and these are my findings: a vintage Lancel purse, a Hermes clutch and a XIX century vintage coin purse)

(some jewelry)

Overall it was a nice experience, a little tiring, but very enriching. I will definitely repeat the process.


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