My friend invited us (three friends) over to have breakfast together. She made some sort of indescribably delicious mini-cakes and green tea. Had a great time: laughed, discussed, made plans…ate cake!

It’s well known that when you assemble a group of women, gossip fashion happens. It happened this time too and I caught it on camera. So here it is :)

(chocolate cake and green tea from Sorina)

(her purse from when she was a little girl that she passed on to her daughter)

(present (vintage edition) for the host from Kasandruta)

(present for Kasandruta from all of us)


(this is what she had in her hair)

(Kasandruta with her handmade earrings)

(she was wearing this white shirt by Zara that she combined with a pair of jeans and a white pair of shoes. The shirt is a killer with all that detail going on)

(her baby girl was in style too, as usual)

(how cute are these baby shoes?)

That is it. Have a great day, everyone!


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