A non-rainy Sunday morning equals family stroll (in my world). And lately, family strolls have become sort of a photo-hunting activity. This morning was no exception.

I convinced everyone to take a walk around a colorful neighborhood in our vicinity. The houses there are so unusual (in color and design) that I suspect the people who built them, especially those who painted  them, where on some kind of hallucinogenic mushrooms :). They are beautiful but weird.

Here are a few pictures (couldn’t take too many, cause people were starting to question my intentions).

(my daughter’s scarf and bow. Love it)

(this reminds me of Russian folklore)

(love the color combination)

(who said a garbage can has to be boring?)

(that thing on the house….why?)

(let’s go for orange and turquoise cause that’s fabulous)

(I wouldn’t trust the gnome…he’s up to something)

(and two windows in all “simplicity”)


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