Now that I take pictures almost daily, I feel like I need to step up my game and perfect my photographic skills. So my friend, who actually knows what she’s doing when she uses a camera, kindly offered to show me a few tricks. We decided to go to the city center where most of the photogenic places are concentrated. Did I mention that the majority of the stores are there too? Big mistake! Oh boy, it was so hard to stay away form the shops that we decided not to. It all started with an innocent “let’s take a quick look for 2 minutes” and before we knew it, 4 hours flew by and I woke up buying a hat (I never wear hats) and my friend almost bought blush (she hardly ever wears any make up at all). I guess we underestimated the power of the stores. We did, however, find whatever self-control there was left and managed to extract ourselves from “wonderland” before it was too late. Here is the result of our very “productive’ day :)

(traditional coffee+tea break)

(on our way back home we ventured on some hidden streets and we eventually found an antiques shop with some beautiful items displayed in the window)

(nice old tea cup)

(we also found a bookstore filled with old books. I love old books!)

(there was also a very enigmatic beautiful painting on a door of that bookstore. Interesting…)

Hope the next time we really stick to photography :)


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