(Walk of Thoughts)

What do you do when you’re on a treadmill in gym, set for one hour walk with no music in your ears and no one to chat with? You bond with your thoughts. Well, at least, that’s what I do.

That’s probably one of the few times during the day when I can put some order in my head. So here is what I do. I create two mental files (one for the positive thoughts and another for the negative ones) and a trashcan. I start with the negative pile converting it into positive thinking. I resize the fears and scale down the worries. Many negative thoughts don’t even go through this process. They are trashcanned on the spot.

Next I focus on the positive file. I take every little good thought that is in there and multiply its power by 1000. This makes me feel so good and energized (at this point I start walking faster too) and the more I focus on the positive, the more the colors become brighter and a positive energy feels my body and the room to the point where the only missing thing is a rainbow with blue birds on top of it. And then, lost in my revery, I crack a smile or make an uncontrolled gesture and notice people stare at me. That’s when I shut down the systems (brain and treadmill) and go home a little embarrassed but in a very good mood :).

Have a nice day, everyone!


2 thoughts on “One picture and a little bit of rambling…Are you still interested?

  1. Bravo pentru text! Este. Cu adevarat, este. Vrei sa-l numesc poem? Te felicit pentru sansa de a-l fi pus in pagina… cu pixeli. Continua sa alergi pe aceasta pista! Iti face bine.

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