The forecast said today would be the last warm and sunny Sunday for a very loooong time, so we decided to spend it outside by all means. Of course my camera had to come with us and here is a record of what happened:

(my daughter said my keys were too sad and boring so she had to do something about it…)

(my outfit…rustic+denim=always a nice combination)

(zooming in: sleeve detail and messy braid)

(guys embracing their inner pink)

(newlyweds and their love…)

(a purple intruder in the yellow bouquet my girls picked for me)

(the kid just wanted to take a morning walk in a lion costume)

(final stop: our favorite Indian restaurant)

That’s all, folks!


6 thoughts on “Cowboys with a touch of pink, flowers and Indian food

  1. Tipa aceea cu haina “ca a femeii din popor” este splendita. Cine este? A imbinat excelent blugul cu pinza topita, bleu-marinul cu albul si rosul si-acrilul

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