Today’s my daughter’s birthday. She’s a responsible grown-up now…she’s 2. We decided to celebrate it in the family, but our friends had other plans. They showed up with a bag full of confetti, balloons and a present for each one of us: flowers for me, chocolate for my husband, a present for the birthday girl and a present for her sister.

As I was super-busy with the kids, and the food, and the cake, and the flowers, and what not, I asked my friend Sorina (who is a professional photographer, people) to take a few pictures and here they are:

(my flowers)

(birthday girl’s present)

(the cake. it’s really hard to guess the age it is intended for)


(and the traditional cake with the candles, which, from this angle, kind of  looks like a snail)

I told them once, but I’m gonna say it again: THANK YOU, friends,  for the beautiful surprise!!!


4 thoughts on “Birthday party in the middle of the week

  1. Happy birthday for your sweet baby!!! I wish her a very happy childhood! I’m sorry to tell you but she’s oficially not a baby anymore. And big applause for your friend’s suprise :)

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