Here is a rusty vintage flat iron that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. You’d think the last time it was used was two centuries ago. Well, according to our relatives it was in full function less than 60 years ago, which makes it much younger than it looks.

My husband found it in his grandmother’s attic. It was standing there long time forgotten and abandoned. We didn’t remove the rust because we didn’t want to disturb its soul (we did get rid of the dead spiders that were inside though).

Now it has a very special place in our apartment and every time I see it next to one of our latest gadgets I’m amazed by the speed of the technological progress that is happening, wondering what the future holds.


2 thoughts on “Old school iron

  1. I’m very envious, I would also cherish this iron. Makes for great decor and conversation starter! I can’t imagine holding on to my iron because in 60 years I won have the nostalgic feel of this iron. Ironic isnt it?

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