Every time I go to Baden-Baden I just get overwhelmed with its fabulousness. It’s a little town in Germany that is imprinted with culture and refinement. We went there with some close friends of ours with a specific purpose in our heads: to get to Baden-Baden rose garden. After 3 hours of restaurant, walking, ice-cream, another ice-cream, sitting on benches we did get eventually to the garden, only there were very few roses left, most of them were already withered. Fall got there first I guess:). Anyway here are a few pictures of our day in B-B.

(I can’t be the only one who takes snapshots in the mirror of the car)

(this is my polka dot dress. I love it! It’s so simple yet very elegant)

(my sandals. Not sure if they really go with the dress, but they where my only option)

(even this guy is stylish in Baden-Baden, wears a hat and all)

(because that’s how they build houses in B-B, with golden unicorns on top)

(a straight-to-the-point name of a shop)

(a deer that firmly believes he’s fabulous)

(beautiful roses with a back light)

(and finally an awesome couple in an awesome vintage car at a gas station. They had their little vintage weird helmets on as if they popped up straight from the 20′ or something)


2 thoughts on “Baden-Baden, polka dots and unicorns

  1. Darling, you should’ve put your coral lipstick on, it would have perfectly matched with your stylish dress, especially the belt.

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