Today we were invited to a massive picnic (about 30 people or more). Spent some quality time, met new people, took a few pictures of interesting items that I liked. Actually I saw a lot of nice things the problem is 90 % of the pictures I came home with are flue so here are the good ones:

(my friend, Kasandruta, with her Frida earrings and the flower headband, feminine as usual)

(my friend, Sorina, who has a thing for scarves. She has them in all colors. I like the ring too, so vintage)

(a handmade silver pendant from Egypt-the divine beetle)

(I like the positive vibe of this purse)

(and the sophistication of this duo)

(my daughter’s bracelets because she always has to wear at least one)

(the baby scarf, because there’s no age limit for being stylish :))

(this T-shirt made me laugh)

(blue with white feathers baby shoes vs. sparkly lady shoes)

Thank you again to the people who invited us, we had a very good time!


6 thoughts on “Picnic fashion reloaded

  1. This is as far as I got. The Freda earrings stopped me. They are fantastic. Would love to know where to buy a pair! :-) I’ll be back. Your blog is refreshing and charming and totally interesting!

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