Not so long ago I wrote a post about a postcard that was sent to us by my mother in law. Well today a big box arrived in our mail. I guess grandma decided to send us one more surprise before she left NY.

And here is what we found in the box:

(a block-note  for my eldest girl because what girl doesn’t like tiny notebooks with birds, butterflies and flowers)

(two puppies because when you have two kids everything has to come in two copies)

(and two identical, of course, tee-shirts with a very original motif)

Thank you, grandma!


2 thoughts on “Grandma strikes again

  1. Adorable, I’d wear that Zebra as a nightie. :) HAHAHAHA. So you have tow little girls, are they close in age to share clothes?

    • I like the zebra too. Yes, I have two girls: one is 7 and the other almost 2. Sometimes they do share clothes, but usually I just buy two identical items to avoid the conflicts :)

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