I was talking to my mother yesterday about my blog and about the way people interact nowadays via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. At one point I was wondering how our grand-parents fulfilled their urge for sharing and communicating without all this advanced social networking services. To this my mom replied: but they did have all that! They had Facebook and Pinterest only it was called evening sittings, group crafting in other words.

In the long winter evenings women, little kids and even men would get together  and sit and craft, each one doing his own thing. They would share their skills and ideas, inspiring each other. That was their Pinterest. They would discuss events, they would talk about personal projects. That was their Facebook. And when my grand-mother would stay home weaving a rug, I guess that was her blogging.

The picture above is a glimpse of  a tablecloth handmade by my dear grand-mother on one of those “blogging” nights. I call it “the Bride”. I treasure it so much that I put it on the table only once a year, on Christmas Eve.


2 thoughts on “My “Bride”

  1. Miroase a levantica… Se aude ecoul spadei care bate in timp si in vreme pinza alba de tiriplic… Salta cele cinci ite si-ti comunica de acolo de unde s-au dus cu toate mesaje de binecuvintare pentru inspiratie si har.

  2. dar acesta era cu adevarat blog-ul mamei/bunica ta, care este de altfel valabil si pina acum,prin care ea mai traieste. Cita programare pentru obtinerea ornamentului, ce algoritm si dibacie/abilitati pentru crearea unor obiecte de artizanat irepetabile. In acesta lucrare este suflet si placere, mindrie pentru ceea ce facea si o deoasebea de alte gospodine…

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