It’s amazing what you can do with little when inspiration hits you. One day I was bored, so I took my daughter’s very inexpensive watercolors and the brush that came with (pictured above) and did this:

and that:

I say not bad for someone who never took painting classes. I actually love these paintings very much not only because they turned out to be pretty good, but also because they remind me everyday that I can do whatever I want, I have it all in me.


5 thoughts on “Watercolors

  1. Aha,se vorbeste in româneste aici :)
    Ce frumos ai facut,nu pot sa cred! Mai ales primul tablou.Ar trebui sa ma joc si eu cu acuarelele in felul asta,pe hârtie.

  2. Superb!!! Ai un blog extraordinar, Mihaela! Cuvintele se aseaza linistit pe suflet in orice postare. Ma bucur mult ca te-am descoperit!

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